Saturday, 25 February 2012

Introducing Hetty Rose, handmade shoes extraodinaire!

I lovvvve these shoes, and so will you.

I met Hetty at New Designers several years ago when she was showing her graduation collection. I fell in love with her work there and then. I think I went back to drool over her shoes several times that day. Why didn't I snap up a pair then?? Probably because I was a recent grad too and whilst I had cultivated a taste for designer shoes, I hadn't quite cultivated the pay packet!

More recently I coveted a pair of her gorgeous kimono shoes for my wedding, but with the expense of everything else decided they would have to wait for another occassion. God I am so bloody frugle (my husband would no doubt beg to differ!).  

I'm thinking second baby on the way, no 'ET' ring to speak of, I might start buttering my hubby up for a pair of Hetty's. What do you think? Surely a girl deserves a pair of beautfiul shoes after pushing two gorgeous babes into the world and working her socks off being a mum/vibrant wife/blogger?

Help me convince my husband Hetty's shoes were made for me, leave your supporting comments here!


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Do the Kegel

You pregnant ladies and mums out there will all have been given the pelvic floor lecture at some point. And whilst it seems a bit of a bore, here are three top reasons to remind yourself to get squeezing:

DON'T BE A LEAKY LUCY....1 in 3 women who have had children will experience some degree of poor bladder control after childbirth, around menopause.

GET HIM TO LAST LONGER...Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem for men under 40. Kegling can help most men learn to last longer.

INCREASE THE STRENGTH OF YOUR OWN ORGASMS AND GO MULTI ORGASMIC...Kegel exercises create an increase in pelvic vascularity which means more blood flow and more veins in the pelvic region. This will increase your awareness of the clitoral and vaginal sensations that lead to orgasm.

Kegels are the sort of thing you don't generally remember to do on a daily basis (as we are told we should)...whilst 'waiting for a bus, driving your car or reading a book'. I for one am too busy updating my facebook status on my blackberry, swearing at the traffic, or just relaxing and enjoying a damn good read! So, here's a little ditty to make those Kegel excercises a little more memorable...

For more information on Pelvic Floor muscles and excercises  click here.

'Do the Kegel' courtsey of 

Squeeze on red and relax on green
with a good long squeeze at the end

There’s an exercise that every woman needs
It’s called the Kegel, the pelvic squeeze
Its great at any age
Lets make it all the rage
It’s good for you, it’s fun and it's a breeze

You can do it in the bank or on the bus
You can do it with the minimum of fuss
Find the muscle you’d locate
When you don’t want to urinate
And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ...... and relax

Do the kegel , the pelvic squeeze
Come on with me ladies and kegel please
You’ll adore your pelvic floor
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ... and relax

You can kegel when you’re talking on the phone
We can kegel together or alone
But when you are with your lover
This trick is like no other
It’s guaranteed to make your honey moan

Oh baby 'Do the kegel' , the pelvic squeeze
Come on with me ladies and kegel please
You’ll adore your pelvic floor
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ... and relax

Now here’s the really motivating bit
A kegel will put pressure on your clit!
And once you've had a baby
No time for saying maybe
Take my advice, make kegeling a habit

Now it isn’t just the girls I want to tell
Guys this news is pretty cool for you as well
Coz when your lovin’ with your lady
And she cries ‘no don’t stop baby’
You’ll be glad you know this muscle really well

Do the kegel , the pelvic squeeze
Come on with me ladies and kegel please
You’ll adore your pelvic floor
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze ... and relax

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Feature in your very own red hot page turner!

Stuck for a saucy anniversary idea?

Here's a taster novel I googled and found at U Star Novels.
Why not Star in your own erotic novel....
There are loads of sites online if you fancy seeing your name in some pretty racy print. A friend of mine bought a personalised erotic novel for her hubby, and whilst he couldn't tell you how the story ended, it made for a brilliant anniversary gift, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

"A chance meeting in Amsterdam with a mysterious and glamorous couple draws our leading couple (you and yours truly) into an intoxicating world where the fulfillment of sexual desire becomes impossible to resist in ‘Amsterdam Lessons."
You choose just how racy your want the novel to be using the 'Lovin-O-Meter', ranging from the ONE kiss stamp for 'Sensual' novels which are "fun and romantic with suggestive language. They'll leave more to your imagination, but you can expect descriptive heavy petting." All the way up to the FOUR kiss  'Erotic Romance' which is "highly explicit, graphic and sexual. The story may contain bi, anal, threesome sex scenes. They suggest over 18 years only."

Blimey o'reilly!

And for those vampire fans, sink your teeth into the erotic personalised thriller Blood Lust., holds one of the greatest selections of personalised novels and books in the world.