Saturday, 25 February 2012

Introducing Hetty Rose, handmade shoes extraodinaire!

I lovvvve these shoes, and so will you.

I met Hetty at New Designers several years ago when she was showing her graduation collection. I fell in love with her work there and then. I think I went back to drool over her shoes several times that day. Why didn't I snap up a pair then?? Probably because I was a recent grad too and whilst I had cultivated a taste for designer shoes, I hadn't quite cultivated the pay packet!

More recently I coveted a pair of her gorgeous kimono shoes for my wedding, but with the expense of everything else decided they would have to wait for another occassion. God I am so bloody frugle (my husband would no doubt beg to differ!).  

I'm thinking second baby on the way, no 'ET' ring to speak of, I might start buttering my hubby up for a pair of Hetty's. What do you think? Surely a girl deserves a pair of beautfiul shoes after pushing two gorgeous babes into the world and working her socks off being a mum/vibrant wife/blogger?

Help me convince my husband Hetty's shoes were made for me, leave your supporting comments here!


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