Saturday, 31 March 2012

Head Down - Bottoms Up!

Moxabustion to turn Breech Baby

So it turns out having managed to avoid gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia this time around, this baby has come up with a new challenge for me - its' breech. Which means that whilst my baby has its heart in the right place, its derriere is firmly wedged in my pelvis where its head should be. Sigh. As I'm 33 weeks its not a disaster, as there is apparently room in there for the baby to still turn round. It certainly doesn't feel like there is any room as my tummy resembles a water balloon fit to burst.

Being a bit of a hippy I would like as natural a birth as possible (when my baby is ready i.e. overdue or not). So, I'd like to help my baby to turn into the right position with alternative (non-invasive) treatments. If the baby remains breech usual practise is for the hospital to try and manually turn the baby (at 36 weeks), and if it still hasn't turned they recommend a planned Cesarean (at 38 weeks). And yes, manually turning the baby can be stressful and/or uncomfortable for both mum and baby, and having a Cesarean is a major operation, for which the recovery period is much greater than getting over a bruised and battered vagina. And besides that the birth of my little girl was a pretty amazing experience that I'd like to do again. I cannot recommend pelvic floor exercises and perennial massage enough ladies!

So off I trundled to an acupuncturist that came highly recommended by my pregnancy yoga teacher (who, incidentally knows anyone worth their salt related to pregnancy or babies in Surrey). Contact me if you'd like her details...

The treatment I had was Moxabustion combined with some acupuncture needling. I had heard about Moxabustion before and thought it involved a candle or some such stick being placed between my toes and burnt. Weird and wonderful yes, but I had also heard it worked for most mums who had tried it.

Well it wasn't a candle, it was a moxabustion stick made from a Chinese herb called Mugwort (isn't that the school in Harry Potter?). It looks like a cigar and when it is burning (glows red-hot) it is held close to acupuncture point called Bladder 67 on your little toe. And yes, it is hot! Most scary is the fact that I need my husband to repeat the treatment on me for 5 or so days. Yikes. I have to say having such a reassuring acupuncturist made the whole experience very relaxed - you wouldn't want someone you didn't trust waving that red hot coal by your feet. Tension is not conducive to babies moving where they should.

Rather than describing the whole thing, I've cheated and included a You Tube video below where you can see it being done. Wish me, my husband and the bump luck.... I think I have the burns hot line for the hospital to hand somewhere... :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Young Wives Tales is now on Mumsnet!

A good reason for a glass of bubbly (if ever we needed one)....'Young Wives Tales' is now featured on Mumsnet!

Mumsnet has long been home to loads of funny, provocative parents and we are very proud to be part of their network. We hope to meet lots of talented and funny mums who we will introduce you to, share their stories, advice and funny antics.

Here's a taster of a hilarious post from mumsnet member Lillibet.

Young Wives Tales blog logo 
"Ds1 (Darling Son 1) having LOUD sex and I have had to tell them to shut up...
 Honestly!! I love my ds1 very much but there is no 18 year old boy born who could make a girl shriek like that. She is from the Meg Ryan school of sex noises but AMPLIFIED. I also can't believe the brass neck of her - she faced us all afterwards without even a blush. It's not the first time either, we weren't in a while back and dd (23) and ds2 (15) could hear her down stairs. Ds2 went and banged on the door and said "Do you mind, some of us are trying to revise" God Bless Him!! I had a word with them then but it's not stopped them, they now can't be in his room with the door closed. They don't prepare you for conversations like this at antenatal classes."

Mumsnet say they 'bring together the best bloggers around, on parenting, politics and all the juice in between'.

Thank you very much for including us Mumsnet!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Don't just dazzle this summer......Vejazzle!

Vejazzling is one of the latest fads when it comes to depilating, prepping and pruning your lady bits for the summer season... or for that special occasion when you want things looking just perfect down there.

According to the Urban Dictionary Vejazzling is defined as..."the art of bedazzling the vagina". It goes on to ask..."did you hear Jennifer Love Hewitt talk about Vejazzling her vajayjay.. she says it looks like a disco ball."

Having watched the You Tube clip of Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about her vejazzling experience - it seems to be the thing to do particularly if you are feeling a little low, after a break up for example. BUT, JLH is a vejazzling advocate and goes on to say that all women should vejazzle themselves, no matter what their relationship status. So, I set out to find out a little more about vejazzling, what it involves, where you can get it done and what it looks like....

True 'Vejazzling' it appears from my google research is all about the vejayjay as JLH calls it. However, if you look up vejazzling online you will be presented with a whole raft of crystal body tattoos not just for your frufru, but also nipples, hips, stomachs, breasts, buttocks, arms and legs... So basically you can choose your best asset and add a bit of fairy dust and sparkle!

Taking vejazzling in its broadest sense, I think I might have inadvertently started the vejazzling trend when several years back, I purchased some stick on swarovski crystals on a flight home from holiday. Keen to show off my great tan, I thought the 'shooting star'  crystals would look quite flattering displayed on my decolletage, shoulder and neck. I did get quite a few nice comments from girls and boys, and was really pleased with how long they lasted. It was at least a week before a few started to drop off. I had wanted to buy them again but until recently hadn't seen them anywhere.

So what does vejazzling look like? Well,  above is a picture of page three girl Amy Childs who has received a rather comprehensive vejazzling.  But if you are buying a home vejazzling kit or going for something a little more subtle - below are a few piccies to give you a better idea. Please note that some images below are not suited to young eyes...

vejazzling crystal tattoo - butterfly 
Butterfly crystal tattoo from Coco de Mer

Something for the Jubilee perhaps? Union Jack vejazzle jewels from Diamante Crafts

Vejazzling trio set £9.99 from

Where can you buy vejazzle kits? The easy answer is online....

Ebay - search for 'vejazzle'

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Maternity Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

Freya - Dotty nursing bra £28.00
Being a good girl, first time round being pregnant, I trudged along to the trusted Marks and Sparks to get fitted for a maternity bra... I wanted to make sure I had a non-wired bra to avoid any nasty blocked glands or ducts. BUT, I had no end of problems finding something that fitted and supported me properly.   

Being a petite individual with an ample bust I found that mid-range (priced) maternity bras did not fit and support me properly . I have nattered on about the need for someone to design bras for petite people for a while and the same applies to maternity bras - even more so, as there is no wiring to provide basic support. 

I found if the cup fit my growing bust, it looked like my boobs weren't speaking i.e. they were located almost under my armpits because the central panel was way too wide. Also, the bras didn't stay put no matter which clasp position I used and throughout the course of a normal days activity my boobs would weigh down the cups at the front, causing unsightly 'overflow' and the bra to rub under the back of my armpits. Ouch. 

I also found it infuriating that all maternity bras sold by M&S and Mothercare (that I have seen) are nursing bras as well - so they have the clips for opening the cup. Why do they design them like this? Everyone knows that your boobs are much bigger when your milk comes in. Or at least the underwear designers should! Trust me, you thought your boobs were blooming during pregnancy - just you wait till you get feeding! Plus your ribs will be smaller once you've had the baby so your size round the ribs will get smaller. My advice is get something for both stages, maternity and nursing.

So, grumbles out of the way.... I did find a solution... sports bras from Marks and Spencer's (no good for feeding, but great support during pregnancy), AND, expensive nursing bras from FREYA, AMOURALIA and HOT MILK. Plus by the time you are feeding you're going to want to treat yourself to a little glamour.

Quiet Storm bra by HotMilk
Nougatine Bra and Thong by Amoralia £41.50

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

British & Burlesque; Saucy Designs by Brighton Based Dupenny

If you love 1940's glamour then you will drool over the burlesque inspired home ware by Dupenny; Brighton based design company founded by Emily Dupen-Hopkins in 2009. 
I met the Dupenny team at a London design fair a few years back, and their black and white cheeky burlesque designs caught my eye immediately. Their original designs - wallpaper, silk cushion and ceramics - are still their best (in my opinion) and are a fabulous way to add a bit of cheekiness to your home. 

Emily (pictured above) says Dupenny is..."On a mission to make the world smile, the inspiration for Dupenny's designs comes from all things cheeky. We especially like retro themes, curious humour, lovely ladies, and the simple impact of black and white."

The designs are produced in the UK by Dupenny, or as much of the process as possible carried out by them. They are also a conscientious bunch and use recycled and environmentally sound materials and packaging wherever they can.

Their burlesque large plate designs include: Ophelia, Lolita, Peaches, and Gigi and are £27 each.
View the rest of Dupenny's cheeky burlesque home ware and gift items on their website

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vamp it up! Where to get sunglasses like Bella

Having seen Eclipse (third film in Twilight saga) a few times, and being inspired by the consecutive days of blue skies we have had over Weybridge this week, I renewed my search for a pair of sunnies as modelled by Bella Swan (played by Kirstin Stewart below).

Apparently the shades Bella wears in the film aren't a known brand, but a pair picked from 1000's of screen props by the actress herself.  Not very useful information I know. However I did read some useful chatter online advising that the style is commonly known as 'cat-eye'. Just in case you decide to eBay or google it.

Or like me you can head to your local Marks and Sparks. My search ended this afternoon, totally unplanned in M&S by the swimsuits. I had popped in to pick up some bits and bobs, as you do, and there they were and for only £9.25! So a bit like Kirsten I now sport a fairly brand less pair of cat-eye shades. I actually went for tortoise shell rather than black and am feeling extremely seductive in my shades. But, unlike Bella, I plan on perfecting the sun-kissed look. catty!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

If the shoe fits....

Something for mummy's wish list this Mother's Day?

 Further to my post a few weeks back.... The object of my desire, 'Hetty Rose shoes'... can now be tailored especially for you...BY you!

Here are some details of a workshop Hetty is going to be running.

Sans automobile - what's a girl avec bump et bebe to do in Weybridge?

Morning Lovelies!

Here I sit, a slightly overcast Wednesday morning in Weybridge contemplating activities for the day ahead, albeit without my trusty automobile. My lovely husband wanted to get an early start so rather than train it to work, he has opted for my wheels instead.

He did at least remember to take the buggy out the boot bless him, so we have some wheels available to us. Being 7 months pregnant now, with a toddler in the 91st percentile for weight (she's gorgeous, just a solidly built half dutch girly), I am a little daunted by getting about without my car but always up for a challenge. So what is a girl to do in Weybridge sans wheels avec bump et la bebe?

First off is the journey into and back from town... Its a good 30 min walk into town from our abode, which I have done several times but mainly in my first trimester. I'm now feeling the bump, the breathlessness, and the Braxton Hicks, so a little apprehensive about how far I'll get. I am sure I have seen bus stops along the way, so I'm thinking I could always hop on a bus home (that's the uphill bit!). Although I shall have to raid the piggy bank for bus change. Last time I went on the bus I remember being shocked by the sack of silver change required to get me from A to B, surely a taxi is the same price???

So, on the basis, I make it into to town what awaits me there? Well i can always get a FREE Latte from Starbucks today with my name on it - courtesy of their 14th March 'we are personalising your coffee from now on' campaign. Quick, run, get yours now!

So far my googling has turned up a mums and bumps NCT group meeting this morning above Weybridge library (every weds morning 10-12) - which I'm thinking could be a very good place to meet some local mums.... Alas, most of my mummy friends from first baby have all gone back to work - sigh. None of this stay-at-home malarkey it seems. I thought there were supposed to be more of us modern homemakers - where art thou?

Mums and bumps could also tie in very well with my plan to get some enlightening books on how to introduce a new sibling to the family. Having cuddled some friends tiny babes recently in view of my own 15 month old - I realise she isn't best pleased with mummy's affections being lavished on another tiny human being. Hmmm. Any tips from second time mums on introducing a new baby to the family are most welcome.

We of course have the compulsory visit to Waitrose planned to pick up yet more milk and something yummy for dinner, and I will be swinging past the various charity shops to see what they have for my growing girl. It's only been a few months since the last clothes outlay and legs and arms are already protruding. I guess its the feeding that does it.

And you know what, I think I might just stop there, seems like plenty to be getting on with for the morning. Although Space NK might be worth a visit. They have such lovely stuff and I think the bump is telepathically telling me to buy myself something indulgent for Mother's Day this Sunday.

And most importantly, I need to get home for that afternoon nap I am soooooooooo going to be having!

Wish me luck!

Check out this link for more info on what's on for mums and babes in Weybridge... All About Weybridge