Tuesday, 20 March 2012

British & Burlesque; Saucy Designs by Brighton Based Dupenny

If you love 1940's glamour then you will drool over the burlesque inspired home ware by Dupenny; Brighton based design company founded by Emily Dupen-Hopkins in 2009. 
I met the Dupenny team at a London design fair a few years back, and their black and white cheeky burlesque designs caught my eye immediately. Their original designs - wallpaper, silk cushion and ceramics - are still their best (in my opinion) and are a fabulous way to add a bit of cheekiness to your home. 

Emily (pictured above) says Dupenny is..."On a mission to make the world smile, the inspiration for Dupenny's designs comes from all things cheeky. We especially like retro themes, curious humour, lovely ladies, and the simple impact of black and white."

The designs are produced in the UK by Dupenny, or as much of the process as possible carried out by them. They are also a conscientious bunch and use recycled and environmentally sound materials and packaging wherever they can.

Their burlesque large plate designs include: Ophelia, Lolita, Peaches, and Gigi and are £27 each.
View the rest of Dupenny's cheeky burlesque home ware and gift items on their website

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