Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Don't just dazzle this summer......Vejazzle!

Vejazzling is one of the latest fads when it comes to depilating, prepping and pruning your lady bits for the summer season... or for that special occasion when you want things looking just perfect down there.

According to the Urban Dictionary Vejazzling is defined as..."the art of bedazzling the vagina". It goes on to ask..."did you hear Jennifer Love Hewitt talk about Vejazzling her vajayjay.. she says it looks like a disco ball."

Having watched the You Tube clip of Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about her vejazzling experience - it seems to be the thing to do particularly if you are feeling a little low, after a break up for example. BUT, JLH is a vejazzling advocate and goes on to say that all women should vejazzle themselves, no matter what their relationship status. So, I set out to find out a little more about vejazzling, what it involves, where you can get it done and what it looks like....

True 'Vejazzling' it appears from my google research is all about the vejayjay as JLH calls it. However, if you look up vejazzling online you will be presented with a whole raft of crystal body tattoos not just for your frufru, but also nipples, hips, stomachs, breasts, buttocks, arms and legs... So basically you can choose your best asset and add a bit of fairy dust and sparkle!

Taking vejazzling in its broadest sense, I think I might have inadvertently started the vejazzling trend when several years back, I purchased some stick on swarovski crystals on a flight home from holiday. Keen to show off my great tan, I thought the 'shooting star'  crystals would look quite flattering displayed on my decolletage, shoulder and neck. I did get quite a few nice comments from girls and boys, and was really pleased with how long they lasted. It was at least a week before a few started to drop off. I had wanted to buy them again but until recently hadn't seen them anywhere.

So what does vejazzling look like? Well,  above is a picture of page three girl Amy Childs who has received a rather comprehensive vejazzling.  But if you are buying a home vejazzling kit or going for something a little more subtle - below are a few piccies to give you a better idea. Please note that some images below are not suited to young eyes...

vejazzling crystal tattoo - butterfly 
Butterfly crystal tattoo from Coco de Mer

Something for the Jubilee perhaps? Union Jack vejazzle jewels from Diamante Crafts

Vejazzling trio set £9.99 from

Where can you buy vejazzle kits? The easy answer is online....

Ebay - search for 'vejazzle'

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