Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Maternity Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

Freya - Dotty nursing bra £28.00
Being a good girl, first time round being pregnant, I trudged along to the trusted Marks and Sparks to get fitted for a maternity bra... I wanted to make sure I had a non-wired bra to avoid any nasty blocked glands or ducts. BUT, I had no end of problems finding something that fitted and supported me properly.   

Being a petite individual with an ample bust I found that mid-range (priced) maternity bras did not fit and support me properly . I have nattered on about the need for someone to design bras for petite people for a while and the same applies to maternity bras - even more so, as there is no wiring to provide basic support. 

I found if the cup fit my growing bust, it looked like my boobs weren't speaking i.e. they were located almost under my armpits because the central panel was way too wide. Also, the bras didn't stay put no matter which clasp position I used and throughout the course of a normal days activity my boobs would weigh down the cups at the front, causing unsightly 'overflow' and the bra to rub under the back of my armpits. Ouch. 

I also found it infuriating that all maternity bras sold by M&S and Mothercare (that I have seen) are nursing bras as well - so they have the clips for opening the cup. Why do they design them like this? Everyone knows that your boobs are much bigger when your milk comes in. Or at least the underwear designers should! Trust me, you thought your boobs were blooming during pregnancy - just you wait till you get feeding! Plus your ribs will be smaller once you've had the baby so your size round the ribs will get smaller. My advice is get something for both stages, maternity and nursing.

So, grumbles out of the way.... I did find a solution... sports bras from Marks and Spencer's (no good for feeding, but great support during pregnancy), AND, expensive nursing bras from FREYA, AMOURALIA and HOT MILK. Plus by the time you are feeding you're going to want to treat yourself to a little glamour.

Quiet Storm bra by HotMilk
Nougatine Bra and Thong by Amoralia £41.50

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