Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vamp it up! Where to get sunglasses like Bella

Having seen Eclipse (third film in Twilight saga) a few times, and being inspired by the consecutive days of blue skies we have had over Weybridge this week, I renewed my search for a pair of sunnies as modelled by Bella Swan (played by Kirstin Stewart below).

Apparently the shades Bella wears in the film aren't a known brand, but a pair picked from 1000's of screen props by the actress herself.  Not very useful information I know. However I did read some useful chatter online advising that the style is commonly known as 'cat-eye'. Just in case you decide to eBay or google it.

Or like me you can head to your local Marks and Sparks. My search ended this afternoon, totally unplanned in M&S by the swimsuits. I had popped in to pick up some bits and bobs, as you do, and there they were and for only £9.25! So a bit like Kirsten I now sport a fairly brand less pair of cat-eye shades. I actually went for tortoise shell rather than black and am feeling extremely seductive in my shades. But, unlike Bella, I plan on perfecting the sun-kissed look. catty!

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  1. Ray Ban サングラスを掛けてる人、何だがカッコよく見えちゃうよね!レイバン wayfarerが流行ってる今時期、自分もその波に乗って、RB2143を買ってしまった。割りと顔立ちはっきりとしているから、微妙に合わなくて、今度はセレブの真似てもして、レイバン RB3025を買ってみたいと思う。

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