Thursday, 29 March 2012

Young Wives Tales is now on Mumsnet!

A good reason for a glass of bubbly (if ever we needed one)....'Young Wives Tales' is now featured on Mumsnet!

Mumsnet has long been home to loads of funny, provocative parents and we are very proud to be part of their network. We hope to meet lots of talented and funny mums who we will introduce you to, share their stories, advice and funny antics.

Here's a taster of a hilarious post from mumsnet member Lillibet.

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"Ds1 (Darling Son 1) having LOUD sex and I have had to tell them to shut up...
 Honestly!! I love my ds1 very much but there is no 18 year old boy born who could make a girl shriek like that. She is from the Meg Ryan school of sex noises but AMPLIFIED. I also can't believe the brass neck of her - she faced us all afterwards without even a blush. It's not the first time either, we weren't in a while back and dd (23) and ds2 (15) could hear her down stairs. Ds2 went and banged on the door and said "Do you mind, some of us are trying to revise" God Bless Him!! I had a word with them then but it's not stopped them, they now can't be in his room with the door closed. They don't prepare you for conversations like this at antenatal classes."

Mumsnet say they 'bring together the best bloggers around, on parenting, politics and all the juice in between'.

Thank you very much for including us Mumsnet!

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