Tuesday, 10 April 2012

F*** Famine

Young Wives Tales is a light-hearted blog - BUT as its founder I've decided it shouldn't shirk away from more challenging topics. I also believe strongly that we all have a responsibility to speak out for those less able or less fortunate than ourselves, and so, have decided to support the ONE campaign through my blog. I will still be sharing insightful, funny and cheeky posts about sex, relationships, pregnancy with you - but - mixed in with that I'll be updating you on what I've been doing to support the ONE campaign and info for you to get involved, if you so choose. Perhaps you can start by having a quick look at this video (it takes less than a minute)...

The first thing I've done as a blogger and mum to support the campaign, is to join ONE Mums.

ONE Mums is the movement of British mums joining forces with the charity ONE to spread awareness of and fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases. You may have heard of ONE already because of its famous co founder, Bono. The charity’s “blogger task force” started in America with their influential ONE Moms group and the idea is simple: mums leading a movement to promote education, engagement and activism on behalf of the world’s poorest.

If you’re concerned about world poverty, education, children’s health, the economic and agricultural well being of developing nations, then take action and be a ONE Mum! Here’s how:
  1. Sign the petition urging EU leaders to pass laws requiring oil, gas and mining companies to publish payments to foreign governments, so that local people will have transparency with their sale of their natural resources.
  2. Blog about being a ONE Mum or ONE Dad about your support and link back to the site and
  3. Stay tuned to all of the ONE Mum Ambassadors for the latest activities – there’s going to be a fun meme and Linky, a video challenge and more!
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