Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nesting, or just a good excuse for shopping?

Four weeks to go now and a countdown of sorts has begun. I am excited about meeting my baby (part of the reason for the countdown), I am very uncomfortable with SPD (the other part of the reason), and I am starting to panic, 'oh Christ the baby could come any day now and the moses basket is still in my parents loft'. All totally normal emotions I understand based on past experience and what other pregnant ladies around me are saying.

So, I thought I would get the hospital bag sorted first. What do I need to pack?...

I am definitely going down the hypnobirthing route again, which means I need something to listen to my chilling music and affirmations on. Especially if I end up on the ward pre-labour again. Wards full of women in early labour are NOT relaxing, quiet places to hang out - take it from me. I spent 5 days on one last time - ugh.  My sisters iPOD and Seinnheiser headphones were however a god send and I was able to sit back and listen to Flight of the Conchords and chuckle to myself despite the hysteria occurring around me. And of course my hypnobirthing relaxation music. This time I've treated myself to an iPOD Shuffle (the teeny weeny cheap(est) one). I was most impressed with the fact you can get a free engraving on it, so I've gone for 'My baby's birth will be easy'. Say it enough times and it'll come true - that's the theory at least. It's also an attractive metallic green colour, which I am told by my hypnobirthing 'rainbow relaxation' CD, is the colour of labour and birth energy.  Just need to make sure we are fully charged!

I've also ordered myself two basic nighties from Mothercare, secured some delicious smelling Cowshed toiletries, and all those other glamorous items such as disposable pants, maternity pads and such that you need to patch yourself up the next day(s)... 

Am I missing anything??? Ah yes, THE BABY STUFF!

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