Thursday, 12 April 2012

One waddled step at a time....

5 weeks to go and all is well...

Apart from, that is, my chronically sore hip joint and the comedy waddle I developed over the easter weekend. A pregnant friend asked sympathetically today if the ligament pain were likely to improve, or just get worse now till the end? We then nodded knowingly at each other and said in harmonious sychronisation 'just get worse till the end now'. That's the thing with pregnancies, there really isn't much you can do, whatever your pregnancy throws at you have to deal with it. Hey, at least the baby isn't breach anymore.

The same friend (who also has a 17 month old and is due 2 weeks before me) relayed how she had been asked on a few occasions how she is coping with lifting her little one with a bump - given you're not supposed to do any strenuous lifting in pregnancy. Well, as I know, you do lift them and your back then hurts like buggery. Friend said she is often tempted to say 'I just drag her along by her hair'. Not that we are bitter pregnant ladies, honestly!

So other than waddling I have been pampering myself this week with reflexology - delivered by a trained midwife and reflexologist I saw during my first pregnancy, Suzanne Batchelor (based in Woking). I can't recommend her enough. It was bliss. I have always loved having my feet tickled or massaged, so I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me what a big fan I am of reflexology. The bonus, on top it being a thoroughly pleasurable experience, is that it helped relieve ligament pain I had in my first pregnancy. I have what those in the baby trade call SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) - sounds awful doesn't it?! Basically it is when you produce too much of the Relaxin (said in a Jamaican accent) hormone. Normally pregnant ladies produce just the right amount of relaxin hormone to help soften the ligaments of the pelvis so they give during birth. But if you produce too much, it means the pelvis bones can move too much and too early - so you get irritated joints and ligaments. And it hurts! Some women actually end up on crutches, so I am very grateful it hasn't got to that yet. Reflexology to treat a condition needs to be undertaken as a course, rather than a one-off session (or so I tell my husband) and I have dutifully booked my next appointment. As it can also help prepare the cervix for labour, it is also recommended for pregnant ladies to have several sessions from week 30 onwards. How can I argue with that?!

So I urge you pregnant ladies out there, with ligament or other issues, or just looking to prepare yourselves for birth to give it a go.

Right, hobbling off to do bath time....

Helpful link: Association of Reflexologists; find a therapist near you
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