Thursday, 26 April 2012

Revenge is a dish best served cold....

 ...and slightly burnt


 ...and shrivelled.


Am I bad a person? Probably yes. I have knowingly allowed my husbands dinner to dehydrate as a form of punishment for his tardiness. As well as being Mr Procrastination man, my husband is chronically late for most occasions. He manages to live quite happily in the full recognition of this condition, having created the hocus pocus theory that he is also 'Mr Lucky' and so will never be too late to miss out on anything significant. Given I am 37 weeks pregnant, I hope for his sake this is true!! Seriously though, we did miss a flight which was unequivocally his fault, and whilst I knew better than to say anything at the time, my expression totally said those magic four words.

On the theme of being late for key events like babies being born, a friend was telling me how her brother missed the birth of his first born. Yikes. It seems the unfortunate coincidence of hubby being just over 2 hours away (by car) and a super fast labour meant he missed that magical moment. Not sure how I would have dealt with that considering what I have done to my hubby's dinner...

It did taste good when it was hot, honest!

I should also add my husband is a lovely, lovely man, and we all have our faults. Unfortunately for him I have lots of my own faults, and more importantly I have a blog. Love ya babe.

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