Friday, 25 May 2012

Hooray for Hypnobirthing and 'Hello Adam'

Sorry for the radio silence readers - I've been busy having a baby don't you know. 

Having never been early for anything in my life, I was a bit surprised to find myself in labour last Tuesday evening, 2 days BEFORE my due date. Having also been previously induced, I wasn't totally au fait with spontaneous labour thingy, so I took a little convincing I was really having a baby. Oh so that was a 'show'....

After calling my parents and alerting them to the fact they didn't need to rush, but perhaps could come down that evening (the appointed babysitters for our toddler), I was taken by surprise when my waters went pop! The subsequent contractions arriving every 3-2 minutes apart convinced me to get on the phone again and suggest my parents did rush.

After getting to Kingston Hospital - which I opted for after a not so nice 5 day stay at St Peters for my firstborn - things calmly but quickly progressed. As a previous subscriber to hypnobirthing I was geared up to do it all again; breathing exercises, affirmations and the rest. Well - it worked. 6 hours later and a bit of gas and air for last 6 minutes, and a healthy 7lb 9oz baby born was in my arms. Adam John Michiel Friedländer. Big sister Juliet thinks he is the best thing since the bubble machine.
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