Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Express Yourself - Udderly Exhausting!

I think if all else fails I'll get a job coming up with cheesy titles for a tabloid!

Four days ahead of my face painting bonanza (Black Cherry Fair) where I will be sans enfants, and I have some serious boob pumping to do. Managed to get a grand total of 60ml this morning - which for those of you in the know isn't much. If hubby is going to survive Saturday with my little guzzling 8 week old I'm going to have to do better than that, sigh.

Hiring or Buying a Breast Pump?

Ameda Lactaline Electric Dual Breast Pump
FYI, for those mums interested in getting hold of a hospital grade pump (which means quick and easy to use electric pump) I'd recommend enquiring at your local children's centre. Not all of them run a hire scheme, but for those that do its a darn sight cheaper than hiring from NCT, La Leche or hospitals. I paid £15 for mine, a Lactaline Dual Pump and thats' for 3 months. Last time round when I reached 3 months they let me hang on to the pump for another 3 as no-one else had asked for it. Its a bargain ladies, and no messing about with these silly hand held things. Given the pump I hired (Lactaline) costs close to £200 new, it is a serious cost-saving hiring from the children's centre. Plus all the bits that go on your boobs or touch the milk are brand new each time, so there isn't anything unhygienic about hiring as opposed to getting a new one.

Support Your Local Children's Centre

AND, if you do hire from your children's centre they will get funding brownie points from central government as they can demonstrate they have helped increase breastfeeding in their area. So you'll be supporting your local centre, which if it is anything like mine in Weybridge, is a VERY good thing to do. I love the ladies at our centre - they are fab.

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