Monday, 9 July 2012

Weybridge Wifey's Meal Plan

In attempt to save some pennies for my super duper new kitchen, and just because I've always fancied acquiring this particular skill, I'm giving weekly meal planning a go....

So this week's culinary delights include...
Monday - Beef casserole, cabbage and new potatoes
Tuesday - Fish cakes and salad
Wednesday - Chicken & Veggie fajitas
Thursday - Homemade Lamb mince pie
Friday - Mumma's night off - Pizza and beer

Lunch and breakfast - help yourself its in the cupboard!

Little people are eating a derivative of the above, with slightly less spice and alcohol. Its' Monday evening now and all has gone well so far (early days though). Albeit toddler decided she was all done after 3 mouthfuls of my casserole and favoured a tub of Ambrosia rice pudding. Hmm. I shall report back at the end of the week and let you know how the rest fared. Will I stick to my game plan or fall off the meal plan wagon??!!.... Visit my blog next week to see what happens in this exciting new venture! AND, if you do weekly meal planning (please) share your suggested menus below.

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