Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Potty humour

In the name of budgeting I read the following article on Martin's moneysaving website. "how to minimise loo paper use".

Here's some tips of how not to spend (more than) a penny from Martin's Moneysaving Website savvy readers....

  • Go for the deals in the supermarket - compare prices per 100 sheets.
  • Generally take one sheet at a time and make maximum use of it within the realms of decency and hygiene.
  • Certainly don't go for the shiny tracing paper as there is absolutely no absorbency there!
  • When you put a new roll on,' flatten' it slightly. This makes it harder for wasteful children to pull off several sheets at a time!
  • My favourite! Regulate your bowels so you go during working hours as much as is possible!  
  • The phsycological approach - This is a bot bizarre. We have two rolls on the wall holder next to each other. We tend to use less because it is so noticeable against the other roll if you pull a lot off in one go. 
  • WARNING! This one will make you groan out loud - Before the actual event, smear your rectum with petroleum jelly, it smoothes the flow and makes the clean-up easier and fewer sheets are required.